Animal tattoo designs have become widely popular in the past few years. Different animals like snakes, butterflies, turtles, dolphins and spiders are now being tattooed on different body parts of humans nowadays. Wolf tattoo designs are also very popular among both men and women. 

Wolf Tattoo Meaning

Although wolf is universally feared, it is a creature of great mythological value. In fact, man’s best friend (dog) also descended from the wolves. They live in pack and this shows great loyalty, unity, and courage. All these are really admirable qualities despite the ferocity of the animal. 

Most people consider wolves as menacing and evil and thus you’ll find this tattoo design only on those who are really fascinated by the agility and fierceness of a wolf. In fact, wolf is also used as a mythical character and appears in many folk tales and fables. This adds to the mystery and charms as well as some element of danger. Wolf is also related to cruelty and cunningness, which makes it more captivating and bewitching. 

Generally, a wolf tattoo comes in two definite designs-cartoon like prints and portrait or realistic looking style. Women prefer realistic style as it has a much deeper significance and meaning. Power, aggression and energy are some of the most significant meanings associated with any wolf tattoo design. 

Many positive meanings are also associated with a wolf. It has been playing an important role in the lives of many North American Tribes. It also symbolizes intelligence and guidance. 

Wolf Tattoo Designs

There are hundreds of wolf tattoo designs available. The most popular one is the entire body of the animal, the head of it a pack of wolves, a wolf near the moon, wolf looking through the paws and snarling wolf. All these tattoo designs can be imprinted on the body using different colors, such as black, white, dark blue, red, and so on. 

You can get wolf tattoo designs on different parts of your body. If you want to imprint a pack of wolves, the best place on the body includes back, stomach and your shoulders. If you are interested in getting a wolf tattoo head, you can make it done on you arms, leg, waist and back of the neck. Wolf tattoo designs are mostly donned by bikers, adventure loves and hippies. 

You can choose your wolf tattoo design for what it actually means to you. After all, a good design is an expression of what we value and who we are. View lots of designs and do your research before choosing your wolf tattoo design.


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