Have you decided to get a tattoo, but don’t know what to get? Think long and hard about your decision. When you’re done thinking about it, do yourself a favor and think again. I don’t mean rethink getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo is a great decision as it is a reflection of your personality.

When I say think again, I mean make sure that you have truly decided the image you want to put on your body. You don’t want just any old thing put on your body, because its permanent. Zodiac signs are perfect tattoos for anyone struggling with what ink to put on their body. One favorite is the Taurus Tattoo.

Taurus Tattoo Meaning

Taurus the zodiac sign meaning the sun. Some say it means star, but then the sun is a star, so either option is correct. Those born April 20th through May 20th should know it well, as it is their birth sign. You don’t have to be born in April or May to get that tattoo. Would some one describe you as patient, or persistent? Are you emotional? These are all characteristics of the Taurus, and if those words describe you then that’s another good reason to get a Taurus tattoo. 

 If Taurus is not your birth sign but you just have a “thing” for the sun, the Taurus sign should definitely be on your list of tattoo ideas. Dig up some pictures that you like, or better yet, let your tattoo artist freestyle the design so its unique. 

Now that you know that deciding on a tattoo is a big decision, consider using the sign of the Taurus. Even if its not your birth sign, and the characteristics don’t describe you. A talented tattoo artist will definitely make it stand out shine. Which is perfect considering it is the sign of the sun!

Taurus Tattoo Designs Gallery 

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