Skull tattoos are one of the most interesting tattoo designs and widely popular among tattoo enthusiasts. They have been popular for many generations and always appear in different designs depending on what one believes in and is trying to symbolize. 

In past years these tattoos were considered demonic and a bad omen, but that has changed in current years as more people understand and embrace the different kinds of symbolism they bear. 

Generally these tattoos are known as a symbol of death or darkness which is the first thought that comes to mind for anyone who sees a skull tattoo. However, they have various meanings depending on the kind of design you choose. Apart from death and darkness these tattoos can mean power, strength, protection, resilience and so on. For some people it is also a permanent reminder to make the most out of life because death is inevitable. 

Also many who have had skull tattoos are often indicating a significant change in their lives. The beauty of these tattoos is that they can personalized to make them more unique and attractive. 

Skull Tattoo Gallery

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