Apart from being the zodiac sign for a number of people, the scorpion tattoo has a lot of history behind it. Often, scorpion tattoos are associated with a dark and forbidding nature but in some cases they tend be more attractive than most people think. Scorpions resemble a cross between a spider and a lobster. A scorpion tattoo can look intriguing on both a man and woman. A scorpion tattoo is mostly for those people who are looking for a tattoo with a bit of an edge. The tattoo can be small or large and have minor or major details; it all depends on the person

Scorpion Tattoo Meanings

Scorpion art is largely associated with symbolism and folklore in various cultures. The following are the various meanings of scorpion tattoos in different cultures:

– In Greek mythology, the story behind the scorpion goes like this. There was once a Demigod (half human, half god) called Orion, who encountered the wrath of Artemis. Orion called on the scorpion for aid. The scorpion stung Orion making him immortal in the form of a constellation, which we now refer to as the Orion’s belt.

– Another story in Greek mythology is that when Perseus killed Medusa, the blood from her neck is what turned into scorpions and snakes.

– In the Bible, the Israelites stomp on scorpions as a sign of showing victory over the terrible deeds of the devil

– In Egypt, the scorpion goddess was thought to help women with the pain they felt during child birth. The scorpion stood as a symbol for maternal sacrifice. In addition, the scorpion was related to the Egyptian god of the desert known as Set.

– In the Mayan empire, the scorpion was associated with surgery because of its ability to numb prey.

– In Mexico, the scorpion is the symbol of a state called Durango. 

In Buddhism, scorpions are designed on amulets and swords handles. This is especially in the Tibet region. They symbolized power and strength regardless of size. 

Whatever the reason one may have for getting a scorpion tattoo, the bottom line is that it has a lot of history in a wide variety of cultures. This shows its importance not only as a Zodiac symbol but as a part of historic culture.

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