WARNING: Please do not try to perform scarification tattoos outside of a licensed shop.

Scarification tattoos can be used to show a permanent social, political, or religious affiliation.  They are commonly used in West African tribes to show maturity in women.  These tribes mark women with these tattoos to show that they are prepared for the pain of child birth.  Other tribes in Northern Ghana even believe that these tattoos can heal ailments such as pneumonia, measles, and more.

There are three ways of applying a scarification tattoo: branding, cutting, and abrasion.  Branding involves burning the skin and can be done through hot, cold, and laser.  Cutting is typically done with a scalpel to remove skin and some tribes rub ink into the wound or pack it with materials to produce large scars.  Lastly, abrasion involves sand paper like materials or chemicals to produce scars.

When scarification tattoos are done correctly, they do look great.  One major problem with this type of tattoo is infection.  That is why it is extremely important to get this done by a professional artist in a sterile environment.  

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