All zodiac signs have signs have different meanings attached to them. Sagittarius tattoos also have deep meanings which are special and unique in their own way. These tattoos define the personality of Sagittarius people depicting both the weaknesses and strengths of these individuals. 

Sagittarius tattoos are good in conveying the fact that an individual was born under the 9nth sign of the zodiac and is therefore ruled by the fire element. This tattoo has extremely sexy display and it definitely stands out from other sun related tattoos. The Sagittarius is represented by the archer and the centaur where the arrow is the symbol of the ardent and passionate sun sign. 

Sagittarius is also linked to the great ancient Greek story about Chiron, king of Centaurs. During battle, he was injured accidentally by one of the Hercules arrows poisoned by blood of a multi-headed hydra. Chiron was an immortal and the poison didn’t kill him but was destined thereafter to a life of everlasting or eternal suffering. 

Sagittarius Tattoo Gallery

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