If you really want to change something about you in a way that will not only make you stand out, but also make you feel good about yourself, then considering having pisces tattoos done is definitely a good idea if you’re under this zodiac sign. Pisces are individuals that can easily wear their heart on their sleeve or in this case, any part of your body you’d like (usually the arms) and if you’re born under this sign, you are the do-gooder and the dreamer of the Zodiac, but also have a caring nature that’s without question.

History and Meaning of Pisces Tattoos

The pisces tattoos are as old as the Zodiac itself and it is said that people who wanted to draw more power from their Zodiac sign would tattoo them on their flesh in order to not only be protected from evil, but at the same time channel more positive energy into their life.

Those who are under the Pisces sign are imaginative, devoted, accepting, adaptable and compassionate people and through their tattoo, they will not only “shout out” to the world their true nature, but at the same time they’ll also feel more encouraged to pursuing their goals, knowing that they’re under the protection of their zodiac sign which is permanently tattooed on their skin.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune and it’s a water element sign. However, when it comes to the legend behind this zodiacal sign, it is unclear and varied. In one version from Syrian lore it is said that the 2 fish are basically the god Dagon and the goddess Atargatis, who were half fish and half human. When it comes to the Greek Mythology though, the 2 fish are said to be 2 black dolphins sent by Poseidon for saving Aphrodite and Eros from the monster Typhon.

With that being said, if you want to get this tattoo, then it will show not only that you accepted your zodiacal sign, but that you also accept who you are and want to show the entire world how happy you are in this new found balance.

Pisces Tattoo Gallery

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