Phoenix in Greek means palm tree. Phoenix is said to live for 5000 years. Phoenix appears in the tales of the ancient Greek, Arabian Roman, Egyptian and Far Eastern mythology. According to the tales of both the Egyptian and Greek, phoenix represented sun and dying in flames as the day end rising up again in the morning.

Early Christians viewed phoenix as a symbol of rebirth and resurrection symbolizing the victory of life over death, Christ’s resurrection and immortality. According to Jewish legend, they view phoenix as the creature that did not leave paradise with Adam. Phoenix in the Roman coins signified an undying empire. 

Phoenix tattoo is mostly represented as the mythological bird of fire familiar to most of us. Phoenix tattoo is usually associated with feminine qualities as each of its body part represents a particular virtue. Reliability, duty, kindness and goodness are some the phoenix aspects associated with it.

Flames in the tattoo represent transformation through fire, purification and adversity. Japanese tattooists most often twin the phoenix tattoo with a dragon to symbolize yin and yang which a harmonious combination of the feminine and masculine virtues. Phoenix tattoo can be done in many designs, colors and even different sizes according to how the one to be tattooed will prefer.

Phoenix tattoos are popular among American population and across many different parts of the world. The tattoos can suit both male and female and they can be done on any part of the body in different sizes and designs. Many people prefer phoenix tattoos due to their beauty and their symbolic representation.

Chinese mythology suggests that phoenix is a symbol of virtue and grace and the gentle creature associated with the Empress who was the only one to wear its symbol. Chinese phoenix feathers are represented by 5 colors, white, red, black, yellow and green.

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