The peace sign tattoo is universally recognized as the symbol of peace. For example, if you’re a promoter of peace, then this type of tattoo design would be a great fit for you. Other than being known as the emblem of world peace, the peace sign tattoos have a variety of associations. These tattoos can be worn universally by men and women to promote their view of world peace. 


The peace sign tattoos are associated with a wide variety of meaning globally. However, the real meaning of peace sign tattoos from the name suggests that it stands for world peace and abstinence of war and violence. This tattoo symbol actually symbolizes the hope, harmony and faith among people all over the world.


In ancient times, the peace sign was a well known emblem of Hippie Culture or movement. Originally on 21 February 1958, the great man Gerald Holtom created the peace sign to promote peace globally. Mainly peace sign tattoos are declared as the badge of anti-war. 

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