The owl tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos worn by people. Though not considered to be a main stream tattoo, this type of tattoo is very popular and can be worn by men and even women. Owl tattoos are usually available in different designs which are colorful and detailed.

Owl Tattoo Meaning 

The owl tattoo has a high symbolic value. Most people consider the owl as a symbol of wisdom as well as education, and the same may be said about this tattoo. There are several different meanings which can be associated to owl tattoos including Wisdom, Mysterious, Protection, Secretive, Vision, Knowledge, Experience, Freedom, Messenger and Transition .People choosing the owl tattoo as decorative art or for symbolic purposes should first have in mind exactly what the tattoo symbolizes.

Since the owl is often associated to time, it is common to see owl tattoo designs or symbols that represent time like a clock. The tattoo may also portray the bird with jewel eyes.

Owl Tattoo Designs Gallery

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