Few decades ago, getting a tattoo has a bad reputation. It is either you are an ex-convict or you are a delinquent bringing havoc to any place you go. Since the entrance of the new millennium, tattoos regained its reputation as an expression of art and feelings. Some couples nowadays get matching love tattoos as a way of expressing their undying love to each other. What are the examples of love tattoos for couples?

1. Lover’s Name – Perhaps, having the name of your lover tattooed in your body is one of the romantic things that you can do to each other to express your feelings. Having your names tattooed is like a wedding ring, a symbol that means you are tied with each other and to keep the promise that your love will prevail till the end. 

2. Heart – It symbolizes love and one of the most common designs to display affection. Designs like heart with an arrow shows that Cupid hit you with the arrow of love to fall for your lover. A heart with a lock shows that the heart is bound to love that person till the end of time while heart with your lover’s name on it expresses an undying love to that person.

3. Red Roses – Roses symbolizes passion and desire. A red rose is also one of the most commonly used matching love tattoos to display affection to a partner. One of the most common places to get it tattooed is in the chest and in the shoulders. 

Tattoo is just one of the best ways to express affection, promise of love and a symbol of binding themselves to each other. A promise ring is an alternative but it may get lost and get damaged in time. If you want something that can last for a lifetime, having a tattoo is the one for you.


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