Since ancient history, man has been known to brand himself for the ideals that he believes in. Tattoos are used by passionate and creative human beings to symbolize their commitment to their Gods or the higher ethical principals they believe in. There is more to a tattoo than meets the eyes. The location of the tattoo and its design hide in themselves, many layers of symbolism. 

Meaning and History of Libra Tattoos

Since the ancient times when our ancestors connected the dots to the star constellations and started analyzing them, mankind has been fascinated by astrological symbols and what they stand for. Every different culture has been known to believe in star signs and in every tradition they seem to be named differently. 

The sun sign Libra has a special place among all astrological signs. Depicting a pair of scales, it is the only inanimate sign out of the twelve; all other signs have either a human or an animal figure illustrated. The seventh astrological sign is often associated with the Greek goddess of Justice, Themis who fled the depravity of the Earth with a pair of scales depicting balance. She is known to have formed the constellation Virgo and the scales are said to have become the nearby constellation Libra. The scales have also been associated with the daughter of Justice, Astraea.

Individuals born between September 24 and October 23,  Libra’s, are known for exhibiting balance and composure in their lives. They are diplomatic, easy going, romantic, idealistic and have an innate sense of right and wrong. They are known to have a clear thought process and effective communication skills, as a result, they are sociable and of an extrovert nature. 

A Libra tattoo is the answer for you if you were born as a Libra or if you believe in the ideals of justice and equality. With the right placement, a Libra tattoo can brand you with the dignity and grace of the Greek goddess Themis. 

Libra Tattoo Gallery

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