Are you looking for a new and artistic tattoo design that will symbolize good luck? Perhaps, getting a Koi fish tattoo is the perfect design for you. Also known as Carp, these Japanese fish is getting more popular in the western countries especially in the US. The popularity of Koi in the west begun with people having a fish pond full of Koi fishes to attract good luck and a strong family bond. For artistic people wishing for a successful career, a koi tattoo is recommended. What are the most popular Koi fish tattoo designs?

1. Orange, Black and White Koi – Black, white and orange are the colors found in a Koi. These colors symbolizes good luck and perfect for young adults who seek success in life and a great adventure.

2. Black and White Koi – Black and white colors are alternative to a full colored koi tattoo. Black and white is recommended for men as Koi also symbolizes strength and endurance. 

3. 2 Koi Fishes Forming a Circle – Two Koi fishes forming a circle represents the Yin and Yang. This design resembles the sign of Pisces but in a more meaningful way. The Yin and Yang is popular Asian symbol that represents the balance of good and evil. A person who wishes to live in a balanced life can have this tattoo because it complements his personality and attitude towards life. The principle of balance is taught since the ancient times and considered one of the most basic principles in life.

Koi fish tattoo designs symbolizes good luck. Even if you don’t believe in good luck or bad luck, a Koi fish tattoo is adorable and perfect for people who have a positive view in life and also perfect for cheerful people. Whether it is a big Koi or a small one, it will still look good on you. 


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