Key tattoos have been popular for a long time, but never quite mainstream. Often they are thought to be for lovers. This is true. However, the key can symbolize much more than true love. It all depends on how you use it. 

Key Symbology

Everyone knows keys unlock things. Physically they unlock a treasure, doors, and anything else that has a lock. Methorphically they can unlock hearts, happiness, and all those things we feel passionate about. Here is some common key tattoo symbology.

Key to My Heart: A key on one person with a heart shaped lock on another person displaying your faithfulness to one another. Or you could have heart key itself with no partner, meaning that you are searching for love. 

Purity: A key with a lock that is placed near your private areas shows a commitment to remain pure sexually speaking. Not to be confused with a lock alone, which means you are waiting for a marriage partner. The key with lock in this case says that you alone control your virginity.

Lost treasure: A broken key means that something cannot be open. Like a broken heart. Really though, it could be anything that you treasure. A lost loved one for example. This key would have a person’s name on it, and the date of birth on one piece and the date of death on the other. 

Generally speaking key tattoos are romantic in nature, and remind people of their commitment to the things they hold near to their hearts. However, it can also be used to display your goals and dreams. The key to an exotic car, your dream house, or even world peace. With the design of the key, and its surrounding decorations the meanings are endless. For instance a key surrounded by hearts is a spectacle of your love. While ribbons can link something, or remind you of something. What does your key tattoo unlock?

Key Tattoo Designs