Heart tattoos started in Egypt in the 17th century before spreading to Europe, America and many other parts of the world. Most of the Egypt slaves used to put it as sign of love when departing from their family members.

Heart Tattoo Meanings

Heart tattoo represents love, adoration and passion. This was the main reason for its invention. The tattoo has maintained its original meaning up to date whenever you see the celebrities putting this tattoo on their hands, thighs amongst many other parts of the body. The tattoo is one of the best ways a couple can bond their love together especially when in a marriage. Through the tattoo, they will live to remember love that bonds you together all the times. 

We have different types of heart tattoos that will fit your style. These are black back, broken heart, winged heart, Celtic heart, and sacred heart among many more. All the above heart tattoos have similar meanings and implications. 

Heart Tattoo Designs Gallery

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