Flower tattoos are probably one of the most popular designs out there for women because it balances the machismo attached to having a tattoo with the femininity of flowers. It might also be one of the reasons why there are more and more women getting ‘inked’. Also, every person likes a particular flower more than the others making it very personal. If there is no association yet with any particular flowers, people can always pick one later on. This just means that it will always mean something to somebody without having to explain it to other people. 

Throughout the Victorian times, each flower was given a meaning. These meanings also vary from culture to culture. They are meaningful patterns for tattoos because of the deep emotional state that they stand for. Take for example roses which stand for love and desire, lilacs that show the joy of youth, magnolias that stand for dignity, sunflowers that depict adoration, daisies that mean innocence or hope, and chamomile which talks about patience.

If the flowers itself missed what the beholder wants to portray, the bright colors of these tattoos can make up for it. They are not like the regular monochrome tattoos which sometimes look dull and lifeless, because they can come in very bright colors. Aside from that, tattoo artists can seldom do wrong when making this kind of tattoo. It is very simple, all they have to do is to get the shape and the color right. There is no emotion that needs to be shown unlike animals or mythical beings that are also quite common nowadays.

Flower tattoos have a way of communicating without words making them the perfect choice that will tell one’s stories through body art. Aside from that, they also come in bright colors which will add life to your tattoos.  Below is 20 awe-inspiring flower tattoo designs.

Flower Tattoo Designs Gallery

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