The dragonfly tattoo is not only beautiful but also represents various imageries. Generally, a dragonfly’s image sparks the creative power of imagination. The trend was made popular in the 1990s by female tattoo enthusiasts. Interestingly today, the dragonfly tattoos are as common in women as men. Women mostly choose it to be placed on the lower back or across the shoulders. Sometimes, it is used as a large back piece combined with floral elements. Likewise, others choose to place it on the wrist, ankle or foot as a small colorful accent. 

The dragonfly tattoo symbolizes many different meaning and cultures. Most meanings of the dragonfly tattoo come from the characteristics of the dragonfly. In nature, it is commonly associated with the butterfly. Both go through metamorphosis during their lifetime and they are both colorful.

In the tattoo world, the metamorphism symbolizes change or transition from the past into the present and future. Additionally, the life of a dragonfly starts in water where it is born then it transforms into a winged flying insect. As a creature of water and air, the dragonfly tattoo can be taken to signify freedom and a wild, free spirit. Moreover, women mostly take it as a symbol of beauty because at times dragonfly wings bias sunlight into rainbow colors.

Culturally, Native Americans take the dragonfly as an inspiration for people to freely follow their wishes, dreams and aspirations. For modern Americans, the winged creature symbolizes victory after hardships and loss. In Asian culture, the symbolism of embracing change has a deeper meaning of bravery and strength. The Japanese relate the dragon fly to joy and happiness. 

Each part of the Dragonfly seems to lend something to the overall meaning of the tattoo. The dragonfly tattoo has many aspects that really give it a deep meaning. It is usually a reminder that our thoughts are responsible for what we see in our lives. Conclusively, the dragonfly tattoo is worth considering when one is looking for a deep meaning completely embedded in a vibrant tattoo.  

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