Dice sleeve tattoos often display two dice standing on their own or in combination with other elements. These elements can include hearts, skulls, playing cards, diamonds, and black jack among other designs. The advantage of dice sleeve tattoos is that it allows you to be very creative. The dice tattoo can be worn by both men and women, although it is common among men.

Most tattoo enthusiast use the dice sleeve tattoo to show off their character or personality. A dice tattoo is commonly used to symbolize a risk-taker. It can be taken to show someone who takes risks and doesn’t care much about what will happen to them leaving the outcomes up to fate. In prison, the prisoners use the dice sleeve tattoo as a symbol of a gambler.

Additionally, diced tattoos on a sleeve can be used to symbolize luck. The value displayed on the number can easily be used to represent luck. Commonly, the number seven and eleven are considered to represent good luck. There are those who use the dice tattoo to create an imagery of the metaphor of life. That is, we cannot predict the future just as we cannot predict the outcome of rolling the dice. 

A basic dice tattoo on the sleeve may simply mean a risk-taker or luck. But, when combined with other elements it completely symbolizes a different meaning. The dice sleeve tattoo designs are a great choice for anyone looking to depict the complexity of their personality on a tattoo.

Dice Sleeve Tattoo Designs

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