Cherry blossoms tattoos are the common trend among women. The delicate and beauty of the cherry blossom is undeniable. The cherry blossom grows on cherry trees and the flower has a common relation to the rose. The flower is commonly found in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

The flower holds symbolic significance and symbolic meaning in both the Chinese and Japanese cultures. The flowers have a linkage to the vines that wrap all around the entire body or as the tree with its blooming flowers. Most people tend to confuse the Chinese and Japanese cultures though very different from each other. Here are some of the meanings of the cherry blossom tattoo in both cultures.

Sakura is the other acronym used to refer to this tattoo in Japanese. Its symbol represents two classes which include the Buddhist and samurai. The samurai class helps define the upper class of warriors. The Buddhists have a belief that life revolves around suffering and transition. They encourage others not to get too attached to emotions or a specific outcome as this fades away with time just as the cherry blossom flower that blooms for a short period. The wearer of the tattoo is often reminded that bad and good things will pass away. It also provides comfort during grief or hardship and teaches a person to appreciate all that surrounds them.

In the Chinese culture, the flower acts as a sign of woman power. This power is as a result of ability to make use of gifts to gain dominance over the male counterparts, sexuality and beauty. The flower is also used in Chinese drugs and used like an herb in order to inspire lovely emotions. Due to this, the tattoos have become famous in portraying sexuality and the power in a woman. This tattoo is a good choice for females who want to show their independence. When a woman dons the tattoo, it shows her beauty, a gift after overcoming a difficult situation and transition of life.

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