Celtic tattoos are among the various styles of tattooing arts that were and are practiced across the globe. It is associated directly to people who spoke Celtic as their ancient language. Take a look at its brief history.

Its first use is dated back to Celtic warriors who had these tattoos on their skin as a symbol of heroism that will be used to intimidate their opponents. Imagine a fight where the Celts were half or completely naked with tattoos all over their skin. This idea will ultimately kill the morale of their opponents.

They used woad plant as a source of the dye used for tattooing. Leaves of this plant are dried then later boiled .After the first boiling, it is again strained and taken back for another boiling. The end product will be a liquid that has high viscosity. The indigo stain obtained is then inserted beneath the skin layer by using a needle. The end tattoo design is indeed an indelible one. The Celts used the tattoos together with having spiking hair styles to create that warlike look.

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