To most people, the choice of a tattoo is not just a random one. Aquarius tattoo designs, for instance, carry deeper meanings to people who have them on their bodies. A wearer may use this tattoo design to show symbols that denote his or her principles, culture or even lifestyle. The meaning is not is obvious to people, and one must study it closely to deduce what exactly a tattoo imprint means. 

Meaning and history of Aquarius

Aquarius refers to the 11th sign of the Zodiac. It starts on 20th of January and goes till 19th of February. The sun rotates around its own axis, forming 360 degrees. Now this figure is divided into 12 quadrants that measure 30 degrees each. These 12 quadrants are given specific names and the eleventh of these, i.e., from 300 to 330 degrees, is Aquarius. Its ruling planet is Saturn and is normally represented by water pourer.


If you are born during this period, you are naturally considered to be psychologically self-confident. Normally, these people are not cruel or unkind, and don’t usually hurt others feelings.

Aquarius Tattoos

It is an interesting fact to choose a tattoo depending on your Zodiac sign. If this is your first time to have a tattoo imprinted on your body, it will be quite easier to decide which tattoo with a with a Zodiac sign to be put on your body. Aquarius tattoo designs are also available in even very small sizes, and are quite ideal for beginners who prefer small pieces of art on their body, but which also have Aquarius meaning. There are lots of designs you can choose from, ranging from the simplest to the most complex Aquarius tattoo design.

If you want a tattoo design that represents your qualities and characters, then you better choose according to your Zodiac sign. Naturally, if you were born between January 20 and February 19, yours is Aquarius tattoo. You will have quite a large selection to pick from.

Aquarius Tattoos Gallery

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