Angels are believed to be supernatural beings that dwell in the supernatural world. Angel tattoos therefore bear the images of angels. Many people think of angels as creatures with wings.

 Meaning of Angel Tattoos

Due to the link of angels with heaven, angel tattoos are mostly associated with God’s protection and guardianship. The image designed can be imaginary or that of a loved one like a close family member who has passed away. People with these tattoos normally intend to mean that they are being protected by the angel whose their picture they bear. Angel tattoos can also be used to show one’s connection with the spiritual world.

Images of angel tattoos depend on the imagination of the tattoo designer. A common design is of a winged creature playing a musical instrument like a harp or a trumpet. This could be interpreted as how the angel brings joy when a person is sorrowful by playing the instrument.

Another design could be of an angel resting on a cloud watching over a helpless person below. This could mean that the angel is protecting the helpless person.

For ladies, the face of the angel could take an innocent feminine look. This tattoo design is also common for children. For men, the angel may be made to look more masculine. For instance the angel could be bearded. A short message may also be added to the design make it easier for those who see the tattoo to interpret it.

Some angel tattoos may be meant to send an ungodly message. The designer may achieve this by adding details like horns or say a tail as he desires.

Tattoos can be used to convey different messages to different people. It all depends on how the designer works on it. That is why some tattoos are more easily interpreted by some audience than others. 

Angel Tattoo Designs Gallery

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